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students released after a room by room search for a gunman prompted a lock down at san jose city college. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> tonight we know it was a phone call that prompted heavily armed person that
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caused a search of the school. we be begin with matt keller on the call that prompted that lock down, matt. >> reporter: julie i just found out in the past few hours that classes will resume as normal tomorrow morning here at san jose city college. this is the technology center building this is where the last of the locked in students were and they were finally allowed to go home just before 8:00 tonight. just after 4:00 this afternoon police say a 911 call was made claiming that there was a gunman on campus. >> i don't know if it was a threat or a hoax but we take everything seriously. >> reporter: fewer than normal because it's finals week. students were evacuated from most of the buildings around 5:00 expect for the technology building. students in the technology building told us they were patted down before they were allowed to leave.
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>> we started clearing the building, and looking for the suspect or a person matching that description that was given to us. did not, did not find anyone matching that description. >> officers gave the all clear just before 8:00. the suspect description was vague and officers say they haven't been able to track the original 911 call. school officials say the large police response was warranted. >> i don't think you can ever call anything to this nature an overreaction in the day and age we live in. any time we receive a possible threat on campus we have to take it seriously. >> reporter: the campus president told us they don't have surveillance cameras but are in the process of tracking them down. reporting live in san jose, matt keller. now to robert honda, he's been talking to students who have been locked down for hours
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some on their graduation night, robert. >> reporter: that's right, it was supposed to be a night of celebrations or at least that was the plan. the scene of police officers and s.w.a.t. teams swarming the technology center was what most of the students tell us they will remember most about this strange night. this group of people were one of the last to get out after police conducted a search of the five story building. they were technology students who had just graduateed from the program this evening but before they could leave with their new certificates they were told the building was being locked down because of a possible gunman seen in that area. >> we were all a little bit frightened we all kind of pulled out our cell phones to see what was going on. >> the room was locked and the lights were off and we just sat there just waiting for law enforcement to call in. >> reporter: for many soups the sounds of officers going down the hall ways was unnerving since no one could see what was happening -- for many students the sound of officers going down the hall ways was
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unnerving. >> we all just waited to see things. >> reporter: a student took photos of the s.w.a.t. team conducting their search. >> we were deaf nitly afraid at first. we were definitely not talking, keeping the lights off. then as time went on, we started to take pictures, started calling friends and family. >> it took a while because we were on the fifth floor. we did eventually get out safely. >> reporter: finally the students including the graduates were allowed to leave as one put it resume their lives. >> now we're going to go celebrate. happy graduation guys. yeah. >> you ready guys, you ready. >> reporter: yeah, congratulations the evening didn't go as planned but as they told me it did turn out to be a night to remember. robert handa, ktvu news. more details now about 10,000 students curtly attend san jose city college, the school officers two year college degrees general
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education classes and career and technical training -- 10,000 students currently afend san jose city college. those reports of a possible gunman on campus also prompted a near by school to go on lock down. teachers told us everyone remained calm and followed the proper procedures, parents picked up their students around 6:00. at ktvu weather alert now, temperatures are dropping as the coldest night of the season sets in. right now it's 46 degrees in san francisco. and the temperature gauge is moving toward freezing. we have team coverage on this cold weather. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin will show us which spots are the coldest but first to ken wayne in napa county where a freeze warning is posted for
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overnight, ken. >> reporter: julie, calastoga is one of the coldest places in the area. but as you can see from all the steam it's also one of the hottest spots. the water literally boils out of the ground at indian springs resorts bubbling to the surface at 212 degrees. it cools to 102 by the time it reaches this massive outdoor pool. >> you see where i'm at? >> reporter: these women traveled from the northwest coast to find refuge here. >> i am going to try to stay in the warm water as long as i can. plumber ryan hermes was getting ready for a long night ahead. >> it's going to be a cold night. last year it was pretty bad. we had a lot of cracked pipes. >> reporter: he offers this advice, cover them or turn them off. >> that's what happens when the water stops moving it'll stay
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there and expand. once you get the heat coming out, it'll crack. >> reporter: plants too are susceptible. >> got a pretty large orange three with a lot of fruit on it right now and a lemon tree and it has fruit on it as well. the freezes are not good for those trees. i'm here to get some tarps or some kind of frost protection. in san anselmo folks were learning to keep their plants safe. >> this new growth just started to come out. this is the kind of stuff that gets damaged when the temperature drops around freezing. >> reporter: by the way wine lovers if you're worried about the vineyards, don't fret the vines are dormant. 102degrees out there, how's the water. >> fantastic. >> reporter: i forgot my trunks.
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>> reporter: what a cool shot up there. >> wherever kenney is in the north bay we have a freeze warning in effect. it goes into effect at 12: 2:00 a.m. right now it's a freeze warning for north bay valleys. overnight lows i would not be surprised to see mid-20s in those coldest spots. a freeze warning begins at 2:00 a.m. san francisco basically you're out of that but you can see everybody else has got basically a freeze warning in effect. so what are the current temperatures look like? this is what's interesting to me. you can certainly see what you're seeing here. look at this cool air. the coolest spots you've got 38 degrees. 46 in oakland, here's the deal. the dewpoints are cold right now so temperatures are going to go down further. a freeze warning in the north bay, frost advisory for basically the rest of us and then on top of us we have rain
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coming our way. when we come back you're going to see rain coming your way as we head toward the weekend. stay with ktvu for weather coverage. ken will be back at 10:45. and at 10:45 bill is back with his complete forecast and the big change in the weather that he's tracking. new at 10:00 authorities in napa county say human remains were found today in a creek. the discovery was made this afternoon in the 700 700 block of silverado trail. the remains were found by a vineyard worker. the remains are quote not immediately identifiable. petaluma police say a windshield covered with ice are partly to blame for an accident
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that injured an elderly woman. lee is expected to recover from her injuries. there is no word what if any charges the driver will face. some service workers at oakland international airport spent tonight getting ready for a possible labor action later this afternoon. the labor union worked on making picket signs in the event that they are needed. union members have been without a contract since june. >> they take away health insurance and they freeze my wage, well you know i'll just be working to pay my hell insurance and i won't have nothing to support my family with. >> reporter: united has given hms host until midnight thursday to agree to a new contract, other wise they say they will walk off their jobs.
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two men had been charged in connection with the shooting death of two teenage girls in oakland last month. investigators say 18-year-old yante powell of oakland faces two counts of murder with special circumstances. a 19-year-old antonio edwards also of oakland is charged with being an accessory. police say 15-year-old raquel gristol and bobby fontane were sitting with powell and edwards when they were gunned down. more than 30 rounds were fired. the piedmont police department announced the new chief while san jose loses yet another high ranking officer. the department appointed rikki goede as chief. before moveing to the bay area she worked for ten years in san
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diego. goede was selected from a list of 51 candidates. and coming up i'll pinpoint how cold it'll be in your city. >> a no drone zone. more
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continuing coverage now of that school massacre in newtown.
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more of the tiny victims were buried today. this as we're learning about a man who helped six children he found in his yard after the shooting. jennifer davis is in newtown and tells us what happened after all those kids left is heartbreaking. >> reporter: hi there frank. yeah it's just every story gets even sadder than the last one quite honestly. you know this is a day when school buses and hursts were sharing the road as this community really deals with two different challenges. saying goodbye to the lives lost but also helping the children who survived trying to get back to a routine. as you mentioned they did have funerals today for two young children, two 6-year-olds, a man who lives close to the school is sharing his memories about how he helped some children, some shocked and frightened children -- who escaped from the massacre. >> reporter: stocking hung, a
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single white rose tucked inside. these women decking out a tree now adorned with carnations and ornaments. newtown reminder of the season marred by violence. a chilling tale emerged of six children find quietly sitting in a semi circle on gene rose's driveway. he didn't know why they were there but he took them into his home. >> this boy said we can't go back. we can't go back to the school. we can't go back. we don't have a teacher. >> reporter: rosen said sometime later that day his joy of hosting these young boys and girls turned to pain when a mother came looking for her child. >> she said, is my son here and she said i heard six kids were here. and i said, no he's not. but maybe he's at the fire house. i looked at the casualty list,
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and her son was on it. >> reporter: and people continue flocking to newtown where they shuffle through a growing memorial. candles and delicate angel figurines greeting them. there are layers and layers of stuffed animals, some soaking wet from two days of rain. other kids who attended school other than sandy hook returned to school today. but many of them said they didn't get much work done but they did do a lot of talking about the terrible events that happened on friday. for the first time since that massacre in newtown the national rifle association today issued a statement on the massacre. it read in part, the national rifle association of america is made up of 4 million moms and dads, sons and daughters and we were shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders in newtown. the nra says it is prepared to offer meaningful contributions
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to help make sure there's not a repeat of what happened in newtown and on friday the group plans to hold a press conference to offer more details. the firm capital says it intends to sell its stock in cerberus. that's the company that makes the rifle used in friday's attack. it's not clear how long the suspension will last. dick's has removed all guns from the shelves of stores closest to newtown connecticut out of respect for the shooting victims and their families. the bank is located in pelton plaza which is just off east 14th street a couple of weeks from davis street. just after 4:00 this afternoon a man in his 20s walked in,
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passed a note to the teller asking for money and by the time police got there unfortunately the bank robber was gone. and in belmont police want your help identifying a man suspecting of robbing another u.s. bank at noon today. take a look at this bank security picture. that robbery happened at the branch on rolston avenue. the man demanded money from a teller. police say he didn't show a weapon. a sedan was seen speeding southbound but police are not sure if that car was connected. dozens of people rallied outside the state building in san francisco protesting a deportation order that could break apart a family before the end of the year. jana katsuyama explain what is the activists want governor brown to do to keep such families together. >> reporter: in the cold today people rallied with songs and signs. they are upset about the immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. program called secure communities which has led to the detainment and deportation of undocumented immigrants many
11:49 pm
who have not committed serious crimes. the program that critics say is tearing families apart. >> you know we're like other american families. we love each other, we support each other. >> reporter: 19-year-old dyannie is a college student allowed to stay in the u.s. through deferred action. but her parents have received a deportation order through december 30th. she and her parents came from indonesia on tourist visas and she has no one but her parents here. >> it's only the three of us in the family. >> reporter: today the group called in governor jerry brown the trust act. the law calls that law enforcement officers do not have to comply -- seven out of 10 of them had no convictions or had been convicted of only minor offenses like traffic
11:50 pm
tickets. >> it is about a human policy that says we know that families are important and if part of the family is allowed to stay the entire family should be allowed to stay. >> reporter: her family has appealed with i.c.e. and they are awaiting a reply. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. two silican valley tech executives are among eight finalists for time magazine's person of the year award. tim cook took over for steve jobs and has been running apple since last year. and marisa myer was a rising star at google before leaving to become ceo of yahoo as she's working to turn things around. she's also the youngest ceo. other finalists include u.s. president barack obama, italian physicist fabiola gianotti. also being considered undocumented americans.
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the coldest night of the year is upon us. the freeze warning goes into effect in the next few hours in the north bay it's 38 in santa rosa. 36 in fairfield. temperatures in the north bay upper 20s, low 30s. temperatures in the big cities like san jose, san francisco, oakland just barely in the 40s. i think we're going to see some upper 30s in some of the big cities like oakland. oakland 37 degrees. that is cold for a city. 36 in hayward, that's very cool. how about san jose just a degree above freezing. tomorrow morning when you get going you will notice cold. a frost advisory in effect for most of the bay area south of the north bay. where the freeze warning is in effect. that will mean you will be scraping the windows early in the morning. temperature mornings very cold. temperatures tomorrow afternoon we could see 30ss. i will show you how warm you could get or how cool it will get. there is rain about 36 hours out, i'll see you out here. a car managed to get stuck
11:52 pm
today in a bike and pedestrian lane. the highway patrol says it happened around 12:20 this afternoon at the onramp to highway 101. the car's driver somehow managed to drive north right into the bike lane until the car could go no further. you see how it's stuck right there. it ended uptaking more than two hours to finally free that car. coming up details about what republican leaders are calling plan b to stay away from the fiscal cliff. and instagram promises to
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new at 10:00, one east bay city is considering a resolution against a practice that could soon be used more often in alameda county. ktvu's christian captain is
11:55 pm
live now in berkeley where the council just made a decision on a no drone zone -- christien kafton. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago, they turned off the lights at the city council, if we had a drone we would be able to hover and find out what's going on. some expressing concerns they could easily be abused. >> we only use them for surveillance. >> reporter: san jose is looking to buy drones. sergeant j.d. nelson says a drone would only be used over berkeley if that city's police department asks to use it. >> it would be for the unincorporated areas because that's the areas that we
11:56 pm
patrol. now if an agency wanted to use it like we send our canines to other agencies depending on the need, we would be open to that. >> reporter: one by one berklians spoke out against the drones. >> let berkeley start the no zone that will hopefully spread throughout the country, thank you. >> reporter: the council has sent the drone resolution to the county. the city of berkeley could only really set policy for their own department's use of drones. what happens to the air above berkeley is up to the federal aviation commission. in washington republican leaders offered what they're calling a plan b as a solution to the so called fiscal cliff crisis. john boehner suggested raising taxes only on those making more than $1 million a year and
11:57 pm
cutting federal spending by a trillion dollars: but some say they will not support any tax increase. and democrats say the gop's plan b will never pass the senate. >> every time we get down to doing something for the long term financial security of this country, they take that football and it's a charlie brown episode. they jerk the ball away. >> reporter: president obama's latest officer would raise taxes on families making more than $400,000 a year and would cut spending by $850 billion. analysts say investor optimism about a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff pushed stocks higher today on wall street. dough isup 115 points. nasdaq was up 43 points. instagram just posted a rule that indicated the company policy would allow instagram to
11:58 pm
sell photos posted by users. however today instagram said it would modify specific parts of its policy and the company has no intentions of using the users photos. it's really important for us to stand as one. >> a show of unity tonight. the fundraiser organized here in the bay area after connecticut's school shooting. >> but up first the coldest night of the [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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the freezing weather tonight is fun. but for others it can be very
12:01 am
dangerous. amber lee has the two very date -- different perspectives on the weather. >> it's cold out here tonight yet people are still out and about doing some shopping. >> reporter: how did you prepare for the weather. >> just layers and layers and layers. >> reporter: it's their granddaughter's first christmas they made sure she was bundled up too. >> reporter: with shopping bags on hand this woman tells us they're trying to get as much shopping done despite the cold. >> i'm from los angeles originally. and the warm weather christmas, just doesn't feel like it. you put a log in the fireplace and it's just great. >> and i'm from oklahoma. so it really brings back memory
12:02 am
of childhood when i had cool weather. >> reporter: but the dip in temperature is not welcomed by everyone. >> it's been like an ice cube. >> reporter: alexandria fredrick is homeless. the coat, hat, and glove were given to her by glide. >> i also got a hat with a little ball on it so i still keep a good sense of humor. >> reporter: st. mary's cathedral is among the several agents offering a warm place. >> reporter: folks at the homeless shelter and shoppers tell us they hope everyone will be able to stay indoors as much as possible and off the streets. a new natural gas control
12:03 am
center in san ramon. the center will house the gas lines. staff members who work on the system will be in offices next door. pg & e says that will help if they have another energy such as the blast and fire in san bruno. a report released today revealed more problem tp-rs the california department of parks and recreation. the controllers office found managers broke rules to pay more than 200 employees more than half a million dollars in extra pay over three years. the report is the latest blow to that department. last summer employees were found to keep $50,000 hidden in that special fund for more than a decade even as dozens of parks went without safety. as anne rubin tells us they
12:04 am
discovered a sense of unity. >> reporter: there were songs and speeches but really this candlelight vigil was about sending a message of support from one elementary school to another. >> i felt sorry for the kids who died and the teachers. >> reporter: so the idea for the vigil was born. parents and students coming together to honor and raise money for the victims of sandy hook. >> i feel proud for supporting their families, for the kids and teachers that died. >> reporter: organizers say they were careful about the tone for the event. that with children present it shouldn't be about fear. >> we take notice of the people on the right and left of us whether we know them or not. we know that we're here for the same thing. >> it's very important for us to stand as one. for our nation, for our kids. >> reporter: and they did. dozens lined up braving the cold to show their support.
12:05 am
parents say they hope it's this display of unity that their children remember. >> i want them to know why we're here, it's important. >> reporter: the money will go to the sandy hook support fund, organizers are hoping to send a very large donation tomorrow. in pleasanton, anne rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. two bay area sisters are banding together to offer support to the community of newton. tatiana oliver is signing copies of their book, it's okay to cry. tatiana wrote the book after her father died of a heart attack right in front of her. >> even though we can't touch the person we love we can feel their love.
12:06 am
we can feel their love in the sunshine. >> tatiana has set up a website to help raise money for printing. the torentino film is a violent western in which dozens of people are shot and killed. the studio released a statement saying in this time of national mourning, it decided to forgo a high profile premier. director torentino had the idea that violence in movies leads to real life massacres saying quote there is violence in the world, tragedies happen. a fond farewell in berkeley after the fire chief is about to retire after 27 years with the department. the city council gave the chief a standing ovation this evening. back in 1985 she became
12:07 am
berkeley's first female firefighter and became chief back in 2004. at the time she was just the second african american chief in the country. >> i've had a very overwhelming career. it's been a remarkable journey for me to serve the community that i grew up in, that gave me so much. >> reporter: no word yet on who will take over as chief after pryor leaves her position. >> a captive journalist describes her situation. we're going to be talking about the freeze warning, and the rain that is returning to the bay area forecast. you'll
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the oakland city council at this hour is debating what to do about a proposed dog park near lake merit. the city administrator put the matter on hold after strenuous objections from several city council members. the park pits dog lovers from those who think the space should remain available for humans. >> it is a great space for humans to be able to play but humans have an student to go to all different fields and different places. >> reporter: the city administrator said there could be an alternative site for the park. >> reporter: oakland major jean quan held a reception to bid farewell to three council members. delafuente was first elected in
12:11 am
1992. nadel and bruno in 1996. tonight marked the last council meeting as council members. tonight engel and his crew are free after they were inprisoned in syria. >> the last four days were very difficult. we're very happy to be out. we're very happy to be back in turkey. we appreciate all the help. the last five days were days that we would rather forget. >> reporter: the journalists were able to escape. engel said his captors were part of a government militia. he said he and his team were kept blindfolded, bound and subjected to mock executions. a gunman killed five pakistani women working on a u.s. sponsored polio vaccination campaign. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack but in recent months the
12:12 am
taliban has spoke out against polio vaccination efforts. in japan, a 115-year-old man says he is overwhelmingly happy to learn he has been crowned the oldest person. a japanese official says if kimora lives until december 28th he will be the world's longest living man ever documented. in the ongoing battle between apple and samsung. both sides scored victories but on different continents. yesterday a judge rejected a lawsuit. both sides claim patent infringement. a local san francisco grocery chain with three stores in the mission district has
12:13 am
agreed to pay more than $110,000 in back pay to current and former employees. the agreement settles a former lawsuit in which casa guadalupe were forced to pay employers their wages. in the suit, the company admitted they failed to pay their workers for time and a half. no need to take a loss. thieves crash the glass in front of a st
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developing news now out of northern california at this hour, calfire says a 60 vehicle
12:16 am
accident on interstate 5 has shut down the freeway in both directions. the series of accidents happened in yreka. it's not clear what led to the accident but parts of the highway are icy is this evening. a smash and grab robbery this morning where a car was used to break right through the front of a store in the east bay. sal castaneda tells us where these type of crimes are on the rise. >> when police arrive they found this silver honda registered out of broadway city. whoever was responsible was gone before officers arrived. the thief or thieves took apple iphones and ipods. police think the vehicle was stolen. today customers many who wanted to buy games as christmas gifts came by only to be turned away. >> it's surprising, it's a little surprising. but i mean, desperate people do
12:17 am
desperate things i guess. >> reporter: smash and grab robberies are on the rise. last sunday thieves trying to break into this store. >> in some cases it's crime of student in other cases we see groups of individuals that are much more organized and they go around usually visiting a number of cities. >> reporter: two weeks ago thieves smashed the windows at the macy's in downtown walnut creek and made out with thousands of dollars of jewelry. some told us they're not surprised by the trend. >> with the things happening nowadays it's nothing surprising me anymore. everyone and everything is doing something. >> reporter: police right-hand turn saying much about this latest robbery but they are asking for witnesses to step forward. in concord, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of san jose entered into a preliminary agreement with the hopkins real
12:18 am
estate group to turn a landfill into a sports complex. the 90-acre site is in san jose near capital expressway, center road and highway 101. san jose bought the land from a disposal company back in 1973 and operated it as a landfill until it closed in 1978 mainly due to environmental complaints. now they want to turn the unused property into a sports complex. >> this is our one shot at the complex and i want to do it right. i want to make sure it's a fixture in san jose where we attract tournaments and kids. >> the city has requested an environmental impact study. let's take a look at that frost or freeze warning up in the north bay. the area in purple, freeze warning goes into effect at 3:00 a.m. stays in effect until 4:00 a.m. and really for the rest of us expect san francisco we have a frost advisory in effect and that's basically going to mean
12:19 am
that you're going to see frost in those inland locations down to san jose, morgan hill and gilroy. around redwood city as well. it's going to be a cold night out there. you know it's going to be cold because it is already. 35 in napa, dewpoint temperatures in the north bay are in the low 30s upper 20s but i suspect we'll see some numbers down in the 26, 37 degrees rain when you get in those inland valleys. some of those really cool spots. tomorrow it's going to be about a very cold start then you're daytime highs tomorrow upper 40s low 50s. they'll be very few upper 40s but most temperatures will barely get out of the 40s. daytime highs tomorrow are going to be in the 50s. low 50s. so cooler air moves out as this low pressure moves in. this pressure gets in here thursday night it'll bump the cool air ahead. it's not going to be a warm system but just warmer than this cool air that's coming our way. we'll see rain on thursday night hangs until friday. we'll show it to you here. here we are tomorrow morning
12:20 am
it's cold. that's what you notice. when the kids go to school tomorrow, your jackets, you need a jacket, a hat, some gloves, by the afternoon not bad. that's wednesday. here we go into your thursday. thursday morning clouds start to thicken up. thursday morning could be a very, very cold morning. almost as cold as tomorrow morning but i think these clouds will bring it up a few degrees. so there's your thursday morning. here's your thursday afternoon. look what shows up, right so here's your next system. this comes in thursday night into friday morning. so right now, friday morning's commute looks like it's going to be a wet one. well it's stormy too so we'll be watching that for you. here we break out 6:00 friday night. i think friday night's commute is going to be kind of messy too if you're going to the mountains for the holidays you'll have a winter advisory up there. the timing on that is not really dialed in yet. but you get the idea. it's all about cold tomorrow. cold morning, cool daytime highs like these. and then it gets into rain on thursday night, friday. and that impacts your weekend especially if you're getting away for the holiday weekend or
12:21 am
the holiday week and you're going into the mountains the snow levels will be fairly low and there'll be mountain travel concerns on friday. the friday afternoon commute looks like it's going to be dicey. >> we're getting a little bit of everything. >> feels like winter all of a sudden. >> it does. thank you bill. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg announced plans to donate $5 million to a south bay charity. the donation comes about as shares of the hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever.
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a group of people counted the money they collected for victims of hurricane sandy. the group raised $1,700 for an organization in new jersey. the money is slated to be used to help repair that organization's building. >> that is just priceless. mark is here now with sports. boy the warriors are smoking hot. >> they are rolling, they have in fact, one more victory than the world champion miami heat right now. this is exactly the kind of
12:25 am
game we've seen the warriors lose. for years but they grind it out, they've got more wins than the heat and the 17-8 record for the first time since 1991. back home after that monster road trip and taking on the upstart hornets from new orleans. lots of nice ball movement again ends up in the hands of edward lee. nine rebounds no double-double but the hornets come in losing 11 straight. clay thompson help them bury them tonight. jared jack had 16 and carl landry also 16, hammers it hard and the warriors have won eight out of their last 10 looking slick. at the college court not the best of night for the locals. the holy cross crusaders ruined
12:26 am
stanford's night. number 25 north carolina state powell big man on campus. 23 in the first. stanford losing on the road, they're now 7-4. story nowhere near the same for cal. i kind of toyed with uc santa barbara for the most part led by 22. freshman tyrone wallis had a dozen. you will see him work he had a double-double himself. works the baseline. got the reverse lay up to go, 10 points, 10 rebounds and the bears are 7-3. and you know what, you've only really arrived in the nfl as a quarterback these days after you have a rap tune written for you. everyone if it is by a 5-year- old. collin kapernick you are the it man for the 49ers right now. have a listen.
12:27 am
>> ♪ >> not too bad. five years old, that's the sporting life for a tuesday night. we're just going to let her be nameless and she'll probably make a big name for herself but we'll let her do it on her own. i don't want her to get bombarded by e-mails. >> yeah, she had the tattoos on her arm just like kaepernick. i hope they are fake. thank you for joining us on ktvu news. we hope you can join us tomorrow morning. >> and we're always here for you at and mobile
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